tu bi’shevat higiya!

What an amazing week of discovery we experienced in honour of Tu Bi’Shevat! From germinating and observing different beans and lentils, to fascinating discussions about the contributions and benefits of trees and forests, and even exploring various fruits and their similarities and differences. Thank you all so much for sending in the wonderful and delicious fruits, and thank you to Ittay who brought in a wonderful book about our very favourite things: monsters and fruit! We used our five senses (and three languages!) to celebrate Tu Bi’Shevat to the fullest! We even decorated little planters as new homes for our sprouted beans and lentils, and gave them as birthday gifts. We discovered that our Lima beans needed more time to sprout and hypothesized that it’s because they are the biggest beans and got so big by drinking a lot of water. We decided to keep them in our window until they sprout, and then we will plant them too. We wish our plants a happy Tu Bi’Shevat, happy birthday, and may you grow big and strong in your new homes!



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