Colour Mixing continued, and a little bit of sukkot!

This week, we had a blast mixing colours in so many different ways. We conducted the walking rainbow experiment, painted with watercolour paints, listened to colour mixing songs, and finally, made our own type of colour wheel with a mixing chart to remind us what happens when you mix different primary colours together.

We’ve also been preparing for Sukkot. We made decorations for the school Sukkah and for home, learned about arba’at ha’minim, and made Sukkah collages in art class. So much fun!

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

Important Information

Orange Shirt Day, tomorrow (Friday) this is our first dress down day of the year. Dress down happens on the last Friday of every month (unless otherwise scheduled) and the whole school collects tzedakah for a monthly cause. This month, proceeds are donated towards the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Please bring in a loonie or a toonie, and see flyer below.
Photo proofs are in your child’s backpack, unless I have already given them to you. Please visit their website and read directions carefully to order photos. Note that the deadline is October 5. Please let me know if you want your child to have a retake.
Upcoming: No school on Monday, October 9th for Thanksgiving.


It worked! We were so excited to come into the classroom this morning and see the final results. We noticed that the purple wasn’t quite purple and upon further investigation, we found that the paper towel coming from the blue cup was not touching the bottom of the empty (purple) cup. We theorized that had it been touching the bottom, we would have gotten a better result. We also noticed that the water level lowered in the red, yellow, and blue cups and theorized that it must have travelled through the thirsty paper towels into the empty cups, and that is how the colours mixed. That also changed the colours of the paper towels, which is something we didn’t think would happen!

As we conducted our experiment, we followed the scientific method, below, which is posted in our classroom. Let us know if you repeat the experiment at home, and what results you got!

C is for…


Today we started to explore colours, as our letter of the week is C. We reviewed the colours in Hebrew and we learned their names in English and French. We watched this video about mixing primary colours (until 3:02) and then made predictions on our chart to show what we think will happen in our “walking rainbow” experiment.

Let us know how it goes if you try it at home! We have to leave our experiment overnight tonight because it hadn’t quite finished by the end of the day. Check out the photos of our progress!

Stay tuned!