Corona – not just a virus!

Happy eclipse day! This morning we explored what a total eclipse would actually look and feel like by watching a time lapse video, pausing it strategically, and talking about what we saw. Some questions that we discussed: What is happening to the shadows? Is this scary? Why/why not? Why does it look like night outside? Why can’t we look at the sun? What is the sun made of? We spent a lot of time talking about our eyes and why it is not safe to look at the sun. We even got to try out Ms Thompson’s eclipse glasses! Thank you for the cool experience, and the yummy surprise snack!

Then, we created our own corona art work, went for a nature walk to check out all the cool shadows on campus, and had snack outdoors in the beautiful weather.

Comment below if you watched the eclipse – we are so curious!!

Have a lovely, safe afternoon!