Kindness Camels

Last week’s Parasha, Chayei Sarah, highlighted the Jewish value of Chessed – kindness, which is something we have been discussing and showing a lot of in JK! Earlier this week, we highlighted (low-lighted?) silhouetted decorated camels against beautiful watercolour sunsets. The reason for this is that in the Parasha, Rivkah (Rebecca) shows kindness by offering water not only to people, but to camels as well. Just as water fills up the camel’s hump, kindness fills up our hearts!

This week at OJCS…

Please read about our upcoming events:

On Tuesday, April 25, we ask that each student wears a white shirt in commemoration of Yom Hazikaron.

On Wednesday, April 26, in honour of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s 75th birthday, we will be dressing in kakhol ve’lavan (blue and white)! We have many special activities planned for that day, including tasting falafel, and some other special snacks. Please note that this is just a taste and does not replace snack or lunch.

On Friday, April 28th, we have a dress down day, and are collecting tzedaka for JNF.

École Enchantée – La Craie

This afternoon, during outdoor learning, we experimented with “la craie” (chalk) on pavement and in snow/water. We had a variety of chalk sizes/colours, mixing containers, wood tools to crush the chalk, and face molds to create colourful snow forms. We explored what happens when chalk gets crushed, mixed with snow and ice, and we asked can it colour the same way on “la neige” (the snow) and “le trottoir” (the sidewalk)? Check out the photos to see what we discovered – including some unearthed/excavated sculptures from winter fun day!

We celebrated la semaine de la Francophonie by writing chalk messages and playing hopscotch — en Francais! The students also enjoyed a traditional French café experience in the Makerspace (facilitated by the Middle School students et Mme. Wanda!)

We will see you tomorrow for our school wide show. Students are asked to come dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt, and sneakers. We will meet at 6:20 pm in our classroom and walk to the gym together. À demain!

École Enchantée – Winter Fun Day Edition!

Today JK and SK explored snow through the lens of a snow sculptor. They gathered piles of snow, transported it with shovels and sleds, and used tools like branches and popsicle sticks to carve out forms. Once their masterpieces were completed, they used washable tempra paint to add some beautiful colour. Please feel free to tour their outdoor gallery at pick up this afternoon, or peruse our photos from today!

Bonnes vacances!

M. Ebbs et Mme. Suzanne


Monday, Feb. 20 – Friday, Feb. 24 – Family Day/Reading Week (NO SCHOOL)
Monday, Feb. 27 – School Resumes
Wednesday, Mar. 1 – 100th Day
Friday, Mar. 3 – 3:00 pm Dismissal begins

Introducing École Enchantée!

This year, we are excited to introduce an outdoor education component to the Kindergarten French program – called École Enchantée. Rooted in land-based learning practices, like Forest School, this bi-weekly class (every other Wednesday) combines play-based learning, self-directed exploration, and collaboration to help students develop critical inquiry, self-confidence, and the ability to navigate risk. Bringing learning outside the classroom is an excellent opportunity for students to connect with themselves and create healthy relationships with their peers.   

A few weeks ago, JK and SK students had their inaugural École Enchantée class as a soft launch of the program. Students were challenged to find something “joli” in nature and frame it, as if it were art… To see photos, click here!

Yesterday afternoon, we held our first official outdoor class and went on a nature walk to explore “les arbres en hiver”. Students examined tree shapes, forms, and characteristics. They were then challenged to draw “un arbre en hiver”. To see photos, click here!

Your children are really enjoying this component to our Kindergarten French program and we are excited for the next experience! Please ensure that your child packs an extra set of dry clothes (especially socks and gloves/mittens!). Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out!

À la prochaine,

M. Ebbs et Mme Suzanne


This Week in JK

This week in JK we finished our ‘animals in the winter’ unit. We learned about hibernation, migration, and adaptation. Please check your child’s backpack for artwork, a game, and a song! To wrap up our unit, we had Let’s Talk Science from Ottawa U visit us for a fun workshop where we compared how well fur, feathers, and fat kept our hands warm in the snow compared to an empty bag. JK decided that the best one to keep their hands warm was the fur (also because that’s the coziest!)