the final product!

Using Hebrew letter stamps, JK decorated their latke platter to create a letter and name recognition game. On the back of each of their torn-paper latkes (which dried beautifully over the weekend!) is one Hebrew letter from their name, which they have to match to one of the golden letters on their platter. They’ve been practicing all morning and will bring them home before Chanukah!

Colour Mixing continued, and a little bit of sukkot!

This week, we had a blast mixing colours in so many different ways. We conducted the walking rainbow experiment, painted with watercolour paints, listened to colour mixing songs, and finally, made our own type of colour wheel with a mixing chart to remind us what happens when you mix different primary colours together.

We’ve also been preparing for Sukkot. We made decorations for the school Sukkah and for home, learned about arba’at ha’minim, and made Sukkah collages in art class. So much fun!

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!

Tu Bi’shevat higiya! Tu Bi’shevat is coming!

JK has been very busy getting ready to celebrate Tu Bi’shevat on Monday! We talked about the importance of trees to people, animals, and the environment, and created some beautiful handprint tree art. We also started to germinate some beans and lentils, and learned about the life cycle of a seed: seed – sprout – root – plant. On Monday, we will join our grade 4 reading buddies and have a Tu Bi’shevat seder and a little surprise project!
Stay tuned!

Happy Chanukah!

Today we made some beautiful unique marbelized invitations for our Chanukah show tomorrow evening! If you’re interested in the process and the science, please click here. We learned about the miracle of the ‘shemen’ (oil) on Chanukah, why shemen (oil) does not mix with mayim (water), and experimented with different kinds of paper that we called ‘thirsty’ (watercolour paper) and ‘not thirsty’ (cardstock). We also celebrated the first day of Chanukah with some singing, candle lighting, and window decorating. A very big TODAH RABAH! to Ivri’s family for bringing us a beautiful chanukiyah and some lovely candles!
Happy Chanukah!


Challah Time!

Today in JK we re-launch our OJCS pre-covid tradition of having a Shabbat Ima and Abba! In honour of this very special celebration, we made our very own delicious challot this morning! We learned the Hebrew words ‘sukar’ (sugar), ‘kemach’ (flour), ‘melach’ (salt), ‘shemen’ (oil), ‘mayim’ (water), and ‘shmarim’ (yeast). We fed some sugar to the yeast and watched it get all bubbly while we sang “I’ve got that Shabbat feeling”, checked our eggs for blood spots and shells (none! woohoo!), and then mixed all of the ingredients together. We kneaded, shaped, and let our dough rise. Morah Susan added some sprinkles as a surprise and baked our challot. Enjoy!

As part of our weekly classroom jobs, we have a Chazan or Chazanit Hashavuah who helps lead the tefillot and our Kabbalat Shabbat. We will be asking that each child bring a challah on their assigned Friday to share with their friends. You will receive an email from Morah Susan on the Monday before your child’s designated Shabbat. In order to follow the school’s kashrut policy, the challah must be kosher, sealed with a hechsher, and nut-free. We recommend the challot from Loblaws College Square, Metro on Greenbank, or any Farmboy location. Ordering from A Dashing Pinch or Creative Kosher are also welcomed options. As always, if you have any questions, you know how to reach us!

Shabbat Shalom!