Tu Bi’shevat higiya!

Welcome back from winter break! Your children adjusted really quickly to being back in the classroom and were excited to jump right back into learning! We kicked off with a discussion about the upcoming holiday of Tu Bi’Shevat. We talked about what trees provide for humans, animals, and the environment. We looked at our empty, frozen, snow-covered Canadian trees, and beautifully blooming almond trees in Israel, talked about the similarities and differences of Tu Bi’Shevat in Canada and in Israel, and then translated that learning into some beautiful art. Take a look!

an exploration of shapes

Here in JK we have started to explore the wonderful world of shapes! We started out with circle, triangle, square, and rectangle, counting their sides and corners, examining their symmetry, and learning their names in Hebrew and English. We added hexagon, in honour of snowflakes! Hearts, stars, and all kinds of polygons are next. One of the ways we learn about shapes is through games. Another is through song, and the class favourite: experimenting with different art techniques using various media. See photos below! As we expand our knowledge, we will add French to the mix.

winter gear

Shalom families,

Thank you so much for your time and collaboration for our goal setting conferences, I am really proud of how self-aware your children are, and how they are building their skills. Kol Ha’Kavod!

A few of you asked so here it is: The Winter Gear Checklist!

To keep at school:
– a pair of running shoes
– 2 pairs of extra socks
– extra pair of warm mittens/gloves (optional. Some days, the snow is wetter than others, we do our best to dry out mittens/gloves
– an extra uniform and undergarments as always

To bring every day:
– waterproof winter boots
– snow suit. This includes snow pants and jacket, and can be a one piece or two piece suit, with the option to leave the snow pants at school if your child(ren) take the bus. You can also leave an extra pair of snow pants at school if you’d like. Because we end our day outdoors, weather permitting, your child will already be fully dressed in their winter gear. Please let me know what you choose so we can all keep track!
– warm mittens, preferably long ones that can be tucked into sleeves
– a neck warmer (nice and cozy! Neck warmers are much safer than scarves for outdoor play. Scarves have ends that can get pulled or caught in the play structure, which can be dangerous)
– warm winter hat

Our cutoff temperature for JK outdoor play is -15 C with or without wind chill. Please know that we will be going outside every day, weather permitting, and should conditions change while we are outdoors, we would go back inside.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out for clarification, questions, comments, and compliments!