Weather Watcher, What Do You See?

Today we began a new unit: exploring the weather. We will be tracking the weather for the whole month of November every morning during our circle. Your children will be bringing home a weather wheel on Friday so that they can track the weather over the weekends and report back on Mondays.

As part of our exploration, we had our first official STEAM challenge! We followed the scientific method to discover what happens to the ground (earth, piles of leaves) when it rains. Each student shared a hypothesis. Some predictions were that the ground would get harder and it would turn to mud. Then we conducted our experiment by raking, shoveling, and piling some dry earth, leaves, and pine needles. We used a watering can to simulate the rainfall and learned that next time we need a bigger watering can! We observed that the brown earth changed colour to black, the dry dirt changed to mud, and the pile we made got flatter. We concluded that rain can flatten earth and that brown dirt changes to black mud when it gets wet. 

We had a great time experimenting and are looking forward to the next one!


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